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Serving is one of the exciting ways we get to be part of our community, both within the walls of our building and out in our local streets. The BVC community is an incredible example of service: almost every family that attends regularly serves in at least one of our ministries on a monthly basis. We don't take that for granted! We are able to make a significant impact on our neighborhood for a church our size, and that speaks directly to the constant service of the people that call BVC home.

Want to get involved? Jump in! We are better together.

Here are a couple options we currently have a need for:

Baristas: Make coffee (we will show you how!) and help people feel comfortable. Baristas serve on Sunday mornings, during special events or on our Thursday afternoon coffee break as we take coffee to all our neighboring businesses. 
Email if you can help.

Garden Team Members: People who are willing to help the Billings community get acquainted with our community garden by giving tours and choosing plots.
Email if you can help.

The Great Adventure
On Sunday mornings, what is happening in our Great Adventure classrooms is just as important as what is happening in our sanctuary. We strive to provide a professional, engaging kids program that will inspire every Vineyard child into a lasting, loving relationship with Jesus. We are always looking for men and women who want to teach or help our kids grow.
Email if you would like to get involved.

Prayer Team
Prayer is a big part of what we do. We pray Sunday mornings before our service starts, we pray for specific needs during our Worship Service, we pray for prayer requests written in each week, we pray for people from the community that call the office in need of help, and the list goes on and on... The prayer team has all kinds of people on it that fit many different roles, and we can never have too many individuals on our prayer team. Join in or ask us about where you might fit in the prayer life at BVC.
Email if you would like to get involved.

Compassion Team and CarePortal
We partner with CarePortal to help local children and families with immediate needs. When a need is brought to our attention, we send a email out to the team and coordinate resources to fill it, from dropping off diapers to family down the street to getting a family without transportation to a doctor's appointment downtown.
Email if you would like to get involved.

Dinner Group Host
Dinner Groups are a vital part of life at BVC. A dinner group is where we become known by others in the BVC community, and where we get to know others. A dinner group host simply facilitates a monthly dinner in their home for a group of people (the size of the group is the host's choice) with the goal of knowing and loving each other.
Email if you would like to get involved.

Youth Group
Young people are a ton of fun. Our youth group serves the members of our church family ages 6th grade - 12th grade every Wednesday night. This weekly evening involves live worship, teaching, games, snacks and general craziness. 
Email if you would like to get involved.

Worship Team
The worship team serves to create a space for our community to interact with Jesus. This includes musicians delivering live worship Sunday mornings in the sanctuary and in The Great Adventure, live worship at Youth Group on Wednesday nights, sound technicians, media presenters, as well as creative events that connect us to Jesus through a variety of mediums. The scope is broad, and there are many places to find a niche.
Email if you would like to get involved.

The Cafe
Smiling faces wanted. The main purpose of The Cafe is to make people feel welcome and comfortable. It is a bonus if you know how to make coffee (or are willing to learn). The Cafe is primarily used on Sundays, but we also open for special events.
Email if you would like to get involved.

The Garden
Just up the road from our current campus is land we have purchased for our future permanent building and our currently active community garden. The Garden is over an acre of space designed to bring people together, and serving on The Garden team includes important tasks like watering trees or pruning grapevines, as well as giving tours or assigning plots to potential gardeners. Whatever your gifts are, we likely have a spot for you to serve (and grow) out at The Garden.
Email if you would like to get involved.

Meals Team
People get sick. People experience personal tradgedy. The Meals Team primarily functions as a ministry to prepare and deliver meals to people in our community who need a little extra help for a short period of time. If you enjoy cooking and love to serve those around you in a very practical way, the Meals Team is a great place to start.
Email if you would like to get involved.

Creative Team
Are you a writer, photographer, graphic designer or videographer? The creative team exists to tell the story of what God is doing in and through the people of our church. If you have a passion for telling stories through media, the creative team is looking for you.
Email if you would like to get involved.