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CORE Discipleship

BVC offers several options for discipleship, or training to do the things that Jesus did.
We call it VineyardCORE.



VineyardCORE courses lay a foundation of knowledge every person should understand as they build a relationship with Jesus. We offer the three VineyardCORE courses each year within our small group rhythm. The courses are designed to build upon one another, but each is a stand alone course and can be taken solo.

The courses offered each year are:
Alpha (next: February 2 - April 21 2020)
Biblical Literacy (next: June 2 - August 18 2020)
Life in the Spirit (REGISTER NOW: October 1 - December 17 2019)

Course Descriptions:
Why is a relationship with Jesus important?
Alpha, the first of our VineyardCORE series of discipleship courses, is the launching point for understanding why a relationship with Jesus is important. We explore the foundations of the Christian faith, what it means to be a Christian, who Jesus is and was, and why He died. In an informal gathering, we follow a presentation with large and small group discussions to fully explore what we believe and what it means for us from now on. Whether you are new to following Jesus or just curious about the faith, start here. For more information about the Alpha curriculum, visit

Biblical Literacy
Why is the bible important, and how do I read it?
The Bible is a user manual for life, but it can feel overwhelming if we don't have some simple guidance about how to read it and how to use it in daily life. God speaks to us through the words in the Bible, and this course will give you practical advice for how to understand what God is saying and apply it to your daily life.

Life in the Spirit
How does God’s Spirit help us to live in harmony?
As Jesus’ disciples, how we live together matters for our own growth. It also helps the people around us believe what we have to say. This course explores how we can live in harmony through the presence of God’s Spirit with us. What is the Holy Spirit? How do we receive it? How do we interact with it? How can we use it to bring others into relationship with God? All this (and more) is convered in Life in the Spirit. Registration for this course starting October 1st is open now.


Twice a year, we gather for an afternoon of workshops to expand on the topics that are offered in our VineyardCORE courses. These workshops are called CORE MORE. Our next workship will be in April 2019. Check back in the spring for more details.

Foremore topics have included:
Reconciled Roots: The Vineyard in Church History
The Sunday practices at the Vineyard are rooted in the history of the ancient church. We will explore church history from Jesus, through the reformation, and into today.  We will look for reconciliation points between Catholic and Protestant practices and gain an understanding of where our practices come from.

A Woman's Place
Have you ever felt the expectations on your life won't allow you to be the woman God is putting on your heart to be?  Do you find yourself wondering if those expectations on you are from God or just the traditions of society or maybe, traditions of religion?
Join in for a look at the traditional view of a woman's role in society, marriage and church. We will also take a look at what the Bible has to say about a woman's place.

Restoring the Wounded
Moral injury is the result of attempted goodness. Out of our attempts to do right as individuals and a community, we must deal with the pain of our own actions and the actions of others that erode our moral compass. In Restoring the Wounded, we will explore moral injury and seek to find the trailhead that leads to healing.