Gardening Application



This is the first step towards gardening in THE GARDEN.

We ask that you read through the following information and agree to the terms listed.
A link to our plot registration form is at the bottom of this page.


The Billings Vineyard Church offers the use of land and sponsors THE GARDEN as a way to build relationships with, and meet the needs of, our surrounding community. Anyone is welcome to be an active participant in THE GARDEN provided they are willing to follow community standards as outlined in this community garden contract.



THE GARDEN is 1.1 acres in size and is completely enclosed by an 8’ deer fence.
THE GARDEN consists of four spaces:
  1. The Garden - 4’x 8’ garden plots (large enough for a variety of vegetables, small enough to not be overwhelming, yet accessible to the center without taking up space with stepping stones) for each gardener to grow some of their own food. Participants are welcome to garden as many plots as they can reasonably maintain. 
  2. The Orchard - Eventually, THE GARDEN will have 64 producing fruit trees (currently planted; not yet producing).
  3. The Vineyard – The design is for THE GARDEN to have 92 producing grape vines, including table grapes, juice/jelly grapes and wine grapes (currently planted; not yet producing).
  4. The Gathering Place – At the center of THE GARDEN is a table (which will seat 20), a fire pit, and an outdoor grill. All participants are encouraged to make themselves at home and to use this space to share meals with other gardeners as they can or desire.
Each garden plot will correspond to a fruit tree in the orchard or a grapevine for which that gardener will be asked to care.  The fruit will not be only for that plot owner (as all of the fruit will be shared among the gardeners), but each plot's gardener will prune and care for that particular tree or grapevine.  As such, the common areas (orchard, vineyard) will be divided up so they are not burdensome to any one person; everyone takes a part in the load and can share in the benefits. Training will be provided so that each gardener can learn and become skilled in basic care of their fruit tree or grapevine.  
Irrigation water is available onsite and each gardener will be responsible for watering their own plot.
An outhouse is available on location May-October.
Drive-in gates and graveled roadways allow limited vehicle access into THE GARDEN area.
Gardeners are also encouraged to utilize the trails around the property for exercise, fresh air or just private moments away from the rush of life.
THE GARDEN is a work in progress, and all active gardeners are welcome to participate in its on-going advancement. The dream and purpose of this project is to make our community an even better place to live as well as to encourage new friendships and the on-going development of supportive neighborly relationships. Come join us!



THE GARDEN participants are asked to be good stewards of their plots and to comply with each of the following policies. 


  • Accept full responsibility to weed and maintain my plot (which includes my designated fruit tree or grapevine) and the shared responsibility for maintenance of common areas and equipment. This includes locking the garden drive-in gates if used and carrying out all my own trash and plant debris.
  • Submit a non-refundable, non-transferrable garden fee of $15 per plot per year.
  • An optional key for the drive-in gates is available for a one-time, $15 deposit. I will not make duplicate keys of any locks at THE GARDEN or give my key to another person.
  • Garden organically and use only pesticides, herbicide and fungicide products that are organically certified or OMRI labeled. As part of the community garden, each participant will have the benefit of help, advice and encouragement (as needed) from each other.
  • Grow only legal plants and non-invasive plants; keeping all my plants within the limits of my garden plot.
  • Make arrangements for my plot to be watered and maintained during any periods of absence. I understand that if my plot appears to be neglected or abandoned and the situation is not corrected, I will be given notice by a garden coordinator and my plot may be forfeited.
  • Notify the garden coordinator if I cannot care for my plot. I understand that if I fail to adequately maintain and care for my plot that I will be given one verbal warning (in person or by phone). If I do not respond to the verbal warning within two weeks by caring for my plot, I will then receive one written email warning. If I do not respond to the written warning within the next two weeks, I will then forfeit my gardening privileges, my plot for the year, and possibly my opportunity to garden the following year. No refund will be provided and my plot may be assigned to another responsible gardener. 
  • Share a portion of what I produce with those in need: either through my own relationships, a local agency, or the Billings Vineyard Church.
  • Accompany and host any guests and visitors (including children) I invite to THE GARDEN, realizing I am solely responsible for their behavior. I will supervise my children at all times when we are in THE GARDEN.
  • Refrain from bringing any pets into THE GARDEN.
  • Respect my fellow gardeners and THE GARDEN’s neighbors by not disturbing them or their property in any way and by using shared space appropriately. I will only harvest produce from my own plot unless given permission by another gardener and will not take food or plants from other gardeners’ plots nor anything from THE GARDEN that is not rightfully mine.
  • Do my best to help keep THE GARDEN a secure and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner.


  • Plots for gardeners new to THE GARDEN are on a first come/first served basis.
  • Returning gardeners are given priority for plots they have gardened the previous year.
  • Assigned plots that are not paid for by May 1st will be put back into the available plots list.
To register and pay for a 2018 Garden Plot